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Music and Arts

Praise and Worship

The praise team is responsible for leading the congregation into worship. Their song selection and delivery ushers in the Holy spirit and sets the atmosphere for open hearts ready to receive the word of God.



Each Sunday a different choir sings. We have tailor our music to suite members who enjoy an array of music including but not limited ot gospel, quartet, choir and less traditional Christian sounds. 



We have three dance teams and one mime team. They are Total Praise (adults), Dancing Angels ( youth under 12), and Praise in Motion (12-15). Total Praise now consist of members who began dancing as children in Dancing Angels. Each group prepares and delivers dance presentations upon request by the church. 



Our church delivers several mixed media plays and theatrical productions to support ministry efforts. 

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry is active in addressing the needs of others locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Some of their mission activities include a card Ministry for the sick, shut-in, and bereaved, visits and services to Person County Hospital Convalescence Centers and the local hospital, providing meals at the Christian Help Center, donations to Safe Haven/Domestic Violence Shelter, Central Children’s Home in Oxford, NC, flood victims, Red Cross, etc.

Senior Citizens

This organization gives the GCCCMBC family an opportunity to recognize and honor our seniors as well as keep them informed about government and community changes that affect our lives on a daily basis. It also gives us a chance to do things together like visit the White House in Washington, D.C.; going out on special occasions, like Christmas time when we enjoy an evening at The Barn Dinner Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina; or a fabulous evening of dress-up and dinner at such places as The Festival House, The Homestead Steak House, The Timberlake Community Center and more.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry takes yearly trips, offers youth church, and provides online programming to spread the word of God to your children. You can expect lots of games and fun when it comes to Greater Cleggs youth ministries. 

Women's Ministry

Our women are strong! They take yearly retreats, support one another, and encourage another to set Godly examples to others in and out of our sanctuary. 

music and arts
Missionary Ministry
youth ministry
senior citizens
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